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Questions outside of class?

We know it is important for students to reflect on what they have learned in each class. Therefore, if students have questions outside of class, that are hampering practice, they are encouraged to send us an email to: All questions sent by email will be answered within 48/72 hours.


¡Practice makes perfect!

We consider practice essential. That is why we have 20 minutes spaces sessions, via conference call like Skype, to practice what our students are learning in class.


For information on the price or to schedule a practice session, please email us at:


Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2  

Choose between individual or group sessions.     

In the office, break room, cafeteria, meeting room or coffee shop, we offer individual or small group classes. We promote learning the Spanish language through meaningful and enjoyable conversations. This is where the student’s autonomy and reflection are promoted, and prior knowledge is reinforced.


We apologize, but for the moment we are only offering this option within the Houston, TX area. We are currently working on expanding to other cities.


For information on the price, please email us at:

Classes offered

Spanish in Context considers the needs of students and utilizes different methods to teach. However, each student always has an instructor dedicated to his/her learning experience. 




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