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Our Mission


To provide our students with tailored tools necessary to develop Spanish language capabilities. Additionally, we want to strengthen multiculturalism given its importance in communicating successfully, both in business and social scenarios.



Our Vision


We are leaders, not only in the teaching of Spanish, but also in developing resources for this process, through our commitment to excellence, quality of service, and continuous improvement.

About Us



Our communicative methodology, books and resources, used in our classes, will provide our students with everything necessary to speak, write, and understand the Spanish language in an interesting context for them. We promote the use and learning of Spanish within real context and with specific purposes.


We know that people learn differently. Therefore, we consider the particular needs of each student. We listen to the student speak and we help correct pronunciation. We expose our students to real communicative situations that promote learning through real-world usage of the language. Each lesson strengthens your language skills according to different chosen themes and topics.

We use resources and activities that promote the development of the following language skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, interaction, oral and written expression. All without setting aside the importance of both grammar and vocabulary.


Our classes are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, CEFR. If you want to know more about The Common Reference Levels: global scale, please click here.

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Classes offered

Spanish in Context considers the needs of students and utilizes different resources to teach.




Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2  

Choose between individual or group sessions.     

In the office, break room, cafeteria, meeting room or coffee shop, we offer individual or small group classes. We promote learning the Spanish language through meaningful and enjoyable activities. 

We are only offering this option within the Houston, TX area.

For information on the price, please email us at:

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Questions outside of class?

We know it is important for students to reflect on what they have learned in each class. Therefore, if students have questions outside of class, which are hampering practice, they are encouraged to send us an email to: All questions sent by email will be answered within 2-3 business days.


Practice makes perfect!

We consider practice essential. That is why we have 20 minutes sessions, via conference call like Skype, to practice what our students are learning in class.


For information on the price or to schedule a practice session, please email us at:

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